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EinNel Task

Announcing EinNel Task 2.0

In order to keep employees motivated and engaged, the current employee performance management system in an organization needs revamping. A survey revealed that employees didn’t want to do self-assessments or be ranked against others. In contrast, employees wanted to know how they were doing on a regular basis and where they could improve.

EinNel has launched Task version 2.0 for addressing this need in its new version. The hierarchy feature enables the user to add a reporting manager, thus introducing an organizational hierarchy that provides easy understanding of team structure & management.

We’re also excited to announce the following feature updates that will make it easier and more efficient for you to manage your team-

  • Bulk assign task

You can now assign tasks to teams instantly on a single click and make your job effortless

  • Schedule task

Plan ahead on important assignments and schedule tasks in advance

  • Convert e-mails to task

Access and convert your emails to tasks with our built-in interface

  • Add Skills

Get yourself noticed at work by adding skills to your profile

Try the new version today and let us know what you think! The new version is available for iOS and Android. Stay tuned for more news. Enjoy Task 2.0 in the meantime!

For more information, visit our website


EinNel’s Research Published in the Springer Journal

Here’s to one more landmark by EinNel Technologies. EinNel’s research on the “Real-World Variability in the Prediction of Intracranial Aneurysm Wall Shear Stress” was published in the Springer Journal.The Bioscience team presented the paper at the Intracranial Aneurysm CFD Rupture prediction workshop in Utah, USA.

Hearty congratulations to the team!


EinNel’s R&D Work Published in Springer International Publishing

EinNel's Bioscience team presented a paper on "Computational Fluid Dynamics for Intracranial Aneurysm Rupture Prediction and Post-treatment Hemodynamic Analysis". We proudly announce that the paper has been selected and published in Springer International Publishing. Congratulations to the team.


EinNel Bioscience Team at CMBBE in Tel Aviv, Israel


Signing MoA with Karunya University

On 26th October 2017, EinNel Technologies signed a MoA with Karunya University to mark the start in developing innovative IoT ideas and practical solutions for Indian scenarios. The MoA aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise in leading innovation.

MoA with Karunya University

EinNel Technologies’ team with Karunya University Officials


EinNel at CII’s Automotive Design and Styling Conference

A team from EinNel Technologies attended a Conference on "Automotive Design and Styling in India – Emerging Market" at Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Chennai on 13th October 2017. EinNel set a stall exhibiting its skillset in Voice Enabled Scientific Visualisation Tool Development for Automotive Design.

EinNel Team at CII

The team displaying EinNel's Voice Enabled Scientific Visualization Tool