Practical Implementation at EinNel Technologies and our experiences:

Digital transformation:

With the advent of Digital transformation, businesses have fast-tracked initiatives like agile and DevOps to improve speed to market. In doing so, security tends to become an afterthought and is often left in the dust. Gartner predicted that 60% of digital businesses would suffer major service failures by 2020 due to the inability of security teams to manage digital risks. Today, around 79% of global executives rank cyber-attacks and threats as one of their organization’s highest risk management priorities.

Along with Digital transformation, businesses are also moving towards cryptocurrency as their mode of payments. With the ease of using internet banking, UPI and cryptocurrency, comes a higher Cyber risk.

The use of PIN, digital signatures and private keys are safe, until they are known only to us. Once it is put into a bitcoin wallet or on a trading platform, the security of that platform becomes vital. Account takeovers can allow people to steal the private key, in turn, taking our money. The untraceable nature of some of the bitcoin or crypto activity makes it is an ideal target for hackers and scammers. So, the accounts and platforms must be treated with caution.

Investments in transformative technologies can be meaningless if they can’t protect the business. Digitalization should also focus on cybersecurity and compliance. Instead of viewing cybersecurity as a cost, companies should view it as a fundamental requirement.

Security should be involved from the start of digital transformation in an organization. The challenge for security teams remains how to add security at the speed of digital transformation and ensure that security spans every new internal digital process and external product developed or internet opportunity created.

Hybrid work culture:

As uncertainty looms due to the pandemic, organizations are allowing significant portions of their workforces to remain remote. The seismic shift to remote working spurred by COVID-19 was a key driver of this trend. Remote workers are more relaxed operating in the comfort of their homes; however, this comfort leaves them feeling like they can let their guard down. This relaxed approach in security could not come at a worse time as cybercriminals have ramped up social engineering and ransomware attacks. Remote work currently poses as the latest threat to businesses. Hence, cybersecurity will become an even greater concern in the upcoming years.  Organizations of all sizes now need to think more strategically about cybersecurity investments and how best to protect workers, data and equipment that are now beyond the corporate walls. Educating remote workers on how and what to do to secure their network and assets has become essential.

How EinNel Technologies is implementing Cyber Security and enabling safe remote work:

We at EinNel technologies are taking giant leaps in improving the organizational security posture. We as a digital transformation enabler, acknowledge that the threat landscape has changed over the past few years and just like everything else, security should be a part of the design and not an afterthought.

Our experiences as the IT team at EinNel Technologies has been nothing short of amazing.  Everyday has been a new learning experience and we have come a long way. Implementation of new equipment, tools and services comes bundled with a lot of new challenges and we have taken it in our stride and solved every single one of those.

We have been redesigning the infrastructure to combat the latest threats and to also create a balance between security and functionality. There has been an addition of various equipment over the past couple of months to strengthen the perimeter, while also enabling our remote users to work seamlessly using VPN.

With the use design of a Hybrid cloud infrastructure, our remote users have multiple options in terms of connectivity. We can deploy and test our code on the public cloud while running our daily tasks in our private cloud. This has ensured high availability to the users who need access to the resources.

We have partnered with vendors such as Sophos, Dell, McAfee and other suppliers, to scale up without any hiccups when the demand increases.

Our Perimeter is secured by Sophos firewall which has best in class protection against network, web and email-based attacks. Some of the features include advanced Intrusion prevention system that can block any intrusion attempts and notify the administrator, an advanced web protection that has application controls and quality of service criteria, an email protection that consolidates anti-spam, Data loss prevention and threat quarantine capabilities.

Along with the above-mentioned features, Sophos sandstorm technology has AI-driven static and dynamic file analysis techniques combined to bring unprecedented threat intelligence to the firewall and effectively identify and block ransomware, known and unknown threats.

We also strongly believe that Organizational Security is everyone’s responsibility. With this in mind, we ensure that our employees are trained on Cyber hygiene and made aware of the current threat landscape. We also teach them the best practices to protect themselves and to support the organization in combating threats that we face.

We are slowly and steadily moving towards higher IT literacy and ensuring that the working environment is safe and secure. We also have major plans to implement various other layers of defences such as real time monitoring and response technologies so that we will have a well-rounded security posture.

We are certainly moving in the right direction in terms of technology and Cyber security.


EinNel UI/UX- perceives human intellect and makes each experience delightful!

From Lead UI/UX Designer

Theophorus Samuel, EinNel Technologies

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future”

- Robert L. Peters

UI/UX is a very crucial aspect of web and app design, while UI defines the look, UX defines the functionalities. The primary objective of the UI is to provide easy, enjoyable, and effective interaction between the users and the applications. User Interface (UI) is the way through which users interact with the app; it includes all the controls, buttons, blocks, and elements. User Experience (UX) on the other hand, provides the best feel for the users with the ease of usage, navigation, and efficient accomplishment of the desired tasks. Creating a UX includes defining the way a product operates and meets the requirements of the users. UX must be clear, comfortable, user-friendly, and interactive with the user interface elements.

At EinNel we are highly influenced by Apple’s UI/UX design portfolio. For Native UI designing, we follow Apple’s Human interface guidelines to design and develop all our iOS and MacOS projects. Apple’s UI/UX design evokes our imaginations and creativity to develop high-standard interfaces. We aim to launch our engineering solutions into the iOS and macOS platforms to enable our users to enjoy rich user interface, secure functionalities, and enhanced graphical performance. The world of design is as vast as the universe, with new ideas and creativities emerging at every instance. The deeper we explore, the more we realize the aspects that could be included in our process of design thinking in order to enhance the quality of our products.

EinNel’s UX/UI team is focused on 5 major verticals, BI (Business Intelligence) Dashboards, SaaS products, mobile applications for all platforms, Engineering Stand-Alone products on macOS and IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) systems.

The process of analytical BI dashboard development includes requirement gathering, ideation, ETL, initial build, QA, documentation, launch, adoption & Automation. We aim to primarily identify the intended user base and customize the design and functionalities of the dashboard accordingly. On the basis of users’ business roles, the insights and the objectives are suitably aligned, and the dashboards are purpose-built. They are designed to analyze and display data, for enhancing business decisions, strategic reviews and drawing predictive & informative conclusions, thereby adding rich business value.

EinNel extensively uses UI/UX in SaaS products to span every minute detail in the most streamlined manner by providing convenient functionalities that simplifies user experience and interaction with the interface. Our designs are built to understand the simple requirements, goals, and motives of the applications by analyzing the behavior of the intended user base and providing high-quality solutions with enhanced usability. EinNel’s solutions aid in dodging issues that businesses tend to encounter later down the line by offering competent designs for a variety of web applications.

Building mobile apps for smart devices requires innovation, strategic planning, and smart execution. UI/UX plays a major role in providing a personalized user experience and functionality of the applications across any smart device. We tailor our app designs to provide visualized data insights within the limited screen space by optimizing and organizing the productive space with proper representation of the functionalities. The UX is designed to be swift, easy-to-handle and interactive with the smart interfaces. The UI/UX design process includes wire frames, user flows, common user-interactions, validation of assumption, iterations, and prototypes. Apps developed by EinNel undergo a series of testing and iterations across all platforms and smart devices to ensure complete and unhindered compatibility.

Engineering stand-alone products developed at EinNel are equipped with smart designs that are integrated with the best UI/UX practices, enabling the users to enjoy their experience. AI-driven UI/UX are used to offer interfaces that are both intuitive and predictive. Building products on macOS provides a hassle-free platform for engineers to explore their innovative capabilities through these products and enjoy the powerful interface unhindered.

With the never-ending advancement of automotive technology, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) has become more of a necessity than a luxury. IVI is designed to provide entertainment and information to the drivers and passengers through interactive audio or video interfaces. UI/UX is used to integrate control elements such as touch displays, voice/face recognitions, button panels, and many such functionalities with ease of usability and accessibility even while driving. At EinNel, narrative and personality designs are being used, making the experience more interesting and enjoyable for the users. UI/UX designs are used to meet the needs of the users by adding the best of desirability, findability, usability, and value.

At EinNel, we have embarked on a journey to attain a higher level of perfection and proficiency in designing our UI/UX. We are adapting to the latest UI trends and are always on the lookout for the blooming design ideas that are suitable for our applications and other development projects. Some of the trends that we have adopted include, glassmorphism, 3D designs, Geometric shapes, Easy Data Visualization, unique illustration, and apt animations.


Microservices Architecture

From the Manager - Software Development

Aju Stephen, EinNel Technologies

In this world of fast paced development, the time to market has shrunk excessively therefore industries are necessitated to make their services easily manageable and highly scalable. However, the traditional integrated architecture (Monolithic), integrates all the functionalities into a single platform, thus if any one functionality faces an issue, the entire system becomes vulnerable to failure. This susceptibility can be overcome with the adoption of Microservices Architecture which significantly facilitates in maximizing the velocity of development, adapting to the ever-changing market conditions, and enabling the developers to work concurrently for managing and updating each component of a service, as they can be handled as individual data stores. Microservice architecture improves the scalability, availability, modularity, and maintainability of an application by fine graining the incorporated services. This architecture is a method of dividing large software projects into loosely coupled modules that communicate with one another through simple Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), thereby providing independent development, independent deployment, fault isolation, mixed technology stack, and granular scaling.

At EinNel, the concept of Microservice Architecture is adopted for cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application for printing industries, to simplify and automate the B2B and B2C commerce.

The array of services involved include, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Estimation, Order Management, Inventory, Vendor Management and Shipment. The tech stacks used for creating this executable microservice architecture are C#, MS-SQL, and RabbitMQ. The fragmentation of services has enabled easy management and elimination of technology lock-in. Establishment of this architecture has facilitated a modular approach accounting for multiple components, prioritization of the business objectives, resilience to failure, straightforward routing, and decentralization.

The interconnectivity of all the entities spread across numerous operational teams is made easier and more reliable, thereby enabling the developers to communicate effectively.

It has also capacitated the building of atomic and reusable services for this large and complex system of printing ERP, therefore even upon a lag in any one of the services, the process involved in managing orders and shipment of the final products is safeguarded. Thus, EinNel is armed to deal with innumerable customers and to render pre-eminent services by meeting every demand with excellency.


Workforce Management in Social Revolution Era

From the HR Manager, Learning & Development

Ebenezer Kalaiselvan, EinNel Technologies

Over the years, the World of Business has encountered Industrial Revolution, Information Revolution, and Social Revolution. Currently, we are in the social revolution era where necessities of the young workforce are already at hand to a great extent, therefore they have the luxury of being unemployed till they find an organization that matches their liking of job profile, job location, pay scale, work atmosphere, etc. Even after being employed, when they get bored of these preferences or face a rough patch in the organization, they tend to immediately jump jobs thereby making workforce management a tough challenge for all the organizations.

At EinNel, the foundation of leadership has been laid upon the principles of Servant Leadership, Stewardship, and Discipleship. Our team of leaders has carefully analyzed the several cultural and attitudinal transitions of the workforce from the Industrial Revolution to Social Revolution. We acknowledge that the workforce of the current era desires new and adventurous tasks, team collaboration, gamified work scenarios, etc. at their workplaces. This young generation prefers to work with high tech gadgets in attractive ambiance, friendly work culture, constructive teams, so on and so forth. Therefore, we are developing a dynamic environment that enables every individual to get recognized and appreciated by their co-workers for their achievements.

EinNel Technologies has developed a digital workplace application, “Task” where the internal employees can share their new ideas, thought processes, and skills using storyboards, reels and posts with generic details about their projects, which can be liked, commented on, forwarded and shared amongst the employees. The AI engine under development is being curated to accentuate necessary information relevant to their area of work, training needs, learning programs etc. to enhance their skills for their future career growth, and the growth of the organization. EinNel encourages employees to learn while they work and work while they learn. In general, a team comprises of different levels of performers, but we concentrate on upskilling every individual to perform their best. We follow these major principles and best practices that incline our employees to stick with us for a longer tenure. This indirect workforce management being adopted by EinNel efficiently aids us in overcoming the challenges of the social revolution era in the current world of business.



From the Business Development Manager

Ashwin Daniel, EinNel Technologies

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insights.”

-Clary Fiorina

In the world of automotive, the full vehicle virtual validation holds a crucial significance for developing models that comply with the global safety regulations. These validations are generally carried out using LS-Dyna explicit solvers. The dynamic simulations include a wide range of load cases such as crash simulations, strength, NVH, and durability tests. This process aids in mitigating the development cost by identifying the design faults before the production of prototypes. However, the validation process in itself is time consuming and requires specifically skilled technicians to monitor the procedure.

“EinNel MDOX”- a Next-generation AI-driven vehicle design platform, provides the perfect solution by automating the pre- and post-processing tasks along with the overall design optimization. The platform provides highly digitalized and modern data visualization storyboards that project colossal insights of the vehicle with a simple drag and drop operation. These insights will uncover a vast number of hidden attributes gathered from the dump data, thereby eliciting the designers to opt for ameliorated and optimized designs.

We assure you that with “EinNel MDOX”, the virtual automotive design phase can be completed with an 80% reduction of both time and economy. The platform is curated to guide the experts by predicting the optimal design solution and insights for swift and precise decision-making. A team of young, dedicated engineers along with experienced domain experts from different verticals are involved in developing this platform. We are on our path to delivering EinNel MDOX to the globe with the help of our Automobile, Software, Data, and AI engineers.