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Scientific Software Delvelopment
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Our Services


Power of applied intelligence

CAE Services

EinNel provides engineering services in the field of Computer Aided Engineering using computational methods such as Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and design optimization techniques to validate product design. We cater these services to Automotive, Energy, Oil & Gas industries.

Analytics Driven CAE Services

Our invincible domain experience and expertise in CAE combined with our Knowledge in analytics helps provide revolutionary solutions for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of industrial products. We deliver data analytics solutions for product design and validation. Our robust services that includes a wide range of simulation and computational engineering solutions are efficient with an outstanding innovation.

Visualization Services

EinNel S-Viz is a real time visualization service that provides visually stunning 3D models for automotive applications, virtual, augmented reality solutions and engineered visualization.

Model Based Design

EinNel provides solutions and services in modelling and simulating, the next generation wave form technology for autonomous vehicle development and other model-based application development related to automotive systems.


Delivering real value

Big Data Analytics

EinNel provides wide-ranging services in data management by developing industrial applications with our rich knowledge in statistics, operations and information technology, bringing more insights across each segment of an industry. At each segment,we work with ETL process, data warehousing models, data mining techniques and data visualization.

Do more with your data, maximize performance, and create incredible value!

Scientific Software Development

EinNel stands out with its innovation in developing stand-alone and web based scientific software products and applications for Computed Aided Engineering, medical and various other domains. Owing to our expertise in open sources, we do third party software customization and feature enhancement.

Web Application Development

EinNel develops web applications with state of the art technologies to speed up and ease the industrial operations and help promote businesses worldwide. Most of our web applications are cloud based that include Natural Language Processing(NLP) solutions.

Mobile Application Development

EinNel follows common cloud architecture for both web and mobile applications. For all engineering and analytics applications, we develop intuitive user interface applications for both android and iOS platforms.

IoT & Cloud

Reshaping the growing connected world

Industry 4.0

EinNel’s robust understanding in sensors, communication protocols, hardware systems and big data management enables in providing IoT solutions to meet the challenges in the 4th industrial revolution. Our reliable and secure IoT solutions for sensor integrations, gateway design, data acquisition, cloud storage and custom hardware design for IoT applications, address significant data integration challenges quickly at a fair cost boosting your business performance.

Smart Cities Development

EinNel strives to bring together innovative developments by providing IoT solutions and services to improve environment monitoring, smart transportation, smart home applications and virtual applications to monitor and train physically & mentally challenged individuals in the smart city environment.

Smart Health Care Monitoring

EinNel provides home health care monitoring services through its AisTi vital monitoring system that not only bridges the gap between the patient, care taker, medical practitioner and the pharmacist in the smart city environment but also reduces cost, increases the quality of life and enriches the user’s experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Step up your digital transformation

With cutting edge technology geared up to explore the potential of AI, we implement machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition, image and signal processing and other data sciences to ensure that we create AI that is powerful and reliable. With the help of advanced sensor-based controls and edge computation, EinNel provides in-vehicle artificial intelligence solutions for cabin monitoring to enhance safe driving.

Machine Learning

With our unique understanding, we at EinNel offer services in developing suitable machine learning algorithms for the industrial problems.

Deep Learning

EinNel practices deep learning techniques for image processing and computer vision applied to In-vehicle monitoring system, industrial assembly lines and other medical applications.


Artificial Neural Network

EinNel delivers solutions for driver safety by considering driver distractions, driver behaviour and other mechanical factors of a vehicle using ANN techniques. EinNel has a team of engineers who work with ANN to perform complex functions including pattern recognition, identification, classification, speech, vision and other control systems.

NLP – Natural Language Processing

Our Natural Language Processing service stretches you to a competitive edge providing business functions starting from chatbots and question answering systems to segment analysis, compliance monitoring and BI. We help you improve your customer satisfaction providing you the most sophisticated service with expertise in Natural Language Processing.


Research in Bio-Science

Frontiers in medical engineering


Computational Medical Engineering

EinNext Biosciences ideates a happier healthy society integrating with hospitals and medical companies rendering services & solutions in medical imaging, medical equipment validation, diagnostics, and patient-specific modelling & validation. We also provide and develop wide range of advanced scientific software applications in the fields of cardiovascular, neurovascular, dentistry, orthopedics and pulmonary for post and pre-surgical conditions.