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About Red Cedar Technology

Red Cedar Technology helps companies discover better designs, faster. RCT’s optimization software and services assist our clients in producing innovative solutions, reducing product development time and risks, and meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Product teams worldwide use RCT’s expertise to design safer cars, engineer life-saving biomedical devices, and develop innovative structures for air travel and space exploration, among other groundbreaking applications

RCT is a privately held firm based in East Lansing, Michigan, USA. RCT Offers optimization services and software to customers and clients based on core values – unbridled innovation,uncompromising integrity and quality.

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HEEDS ® MDO — Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Software

HEEDS MDO is a powerful software package that automates the design optimization process. With revolutionary search strategies available only in HEEDS, you can uncover new design concepts that improve products and significantly reduce development costs.

HEEDS® NP — Nonparametric Shape Optimization Software

HEEDS NP optimizes structural shapes without parametric models. It adjusts the surface shape of a 2D or 3D solid to minimize volume while satisfying stress and/or displacement constraints.

HEEDS ® POST — Data Processing, Visualization and Discovery Software

With HEEDS POST, you can post-process data and understand results from HEEDS MDO optimization study. The plots and tables within HEEDS POST allow you to understand the design space, explore design sensitivities, visualize correlations, and investigate trade-offs.