Training & Tech Support

EinNel CAE Training

We have on-site training and technical support wing to offer application-based training to meet our customer specific engineering design needs so as to enhance productivity. Our CAE expert could also stay on-site and provide assignment-based technical support and training.

Training Courses

EinNel offers a wide range of training for fresh engineering graduates and special courses for project engineers who seek to update their knowledge on application of modern and advanced CAE tools. Our training courses would benefit fresh and experienced engineers equally by providing an insight into Advanced Engineering tools and Numerical methods thereby improving their performance.

Training Courses for Project Engineers

  1. Non Linear Analysis
    • Solution Techniques for Nonlinear Analysis
    • Issues Related to Convergence of Results
    • General Procedures for Nonlinear Analysis
    • Standard Industrial Procedures for Analysis
  2. Dynamic Analysis
    • Forced Vibration Analysis
    • Frequency Response Analysis
    • Transient Response Analysis
  3. Thermo Structural Analysis
    • Introduction to Thermo Structural Analysis
    • Industrial Examples
  4. Fatigue Analysis
    • Why Fatigue Analysis?
    • Various Approaches in Fatigue Analysis
    • CAE Fatigue and Test Data Correlation
  5. Post Processing Techniques

Training Courses for Fresh Engineers

  1. Practical Finite Element Analysis
    • Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
    • Types of Finite Element Analysis
    • Basics of Statics and Strength of Materials
    • Introduction to Finite Element Meshing
    • Finite Element Modeling Techniques
    • Material Properties and Boundary Conditions
    • Introduction to Linear Static, Nonlinear and Dynamic Analysis
  2. Basic Training in PreProcessor Functions
  3. Advanced Training in Meshing Techniques
  4. Basic Training in PostProcessor Functions
  5. Data Deck Preparation for Basic Engineering Analysis