Individuality is valued at EinNel & Diversity is cherished

Intellect Driven, Disciplined & Smart Individuals Wanted

EinNel Technologies needs outstanding professionals who are excited about the challenge in learning new technologies. You will be challenged to exhibit your resourcefulness by applying your imagination and innovative skills and resourcefulness to work. In return, you will have the opportunity to take in significant roles and responsibilities seasoned with the pleasure of being rewarded for your accomplishment.

At EinNel, we strive to create an environment that brings out the best in people. That begins with respect for the individual and a commitment to recognize and reward each one’s contributions. We are open to new ideas, we accept diversity, and we are willing to entrust people with significant responsibilities early in their career.

We want to maintain the flexibility and freedom of a small company even as we grow. Individuality is valued at EinNel. Diversity is cherished and nourished because it kindles creativity and individual creativity is the course of our success.

We provide a platform to work with projects related to Automobile, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Energy and Bioscience using CAE. We provide support for professionals at all levels with exposure to different industrial Research and Development centers. If you hold a Masters Degree or Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering or Bio-medical engineering with an exposure to Information Technology and Science. We encourage you to kindly fill job application form and post your resume to

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